The East Coast Music Hall Of Fame is a society of music fans from Maine to Florida dedicated to celebrating the music of the Rock and Roll era and beyond. Giving recognition to those who have dedicated their lives to creating and preserving this music. We also create​ pathways for those who continue to produce this​ music for future generations.

Our Vision​

​Giving recognition to those who have dedicated their lives to preserving our music. Creating pathways for those who wish to continue the sound, the music, the laughter, the excitement of our industry.

Rising Star Initiative​

Our “Rising Star” initiative will provide greater equality of resources and opportunity to “up and coming“ talent who are dedicated to the musical arts…This will be accomplished through the generosity of our donors, corporate sponsors and scholarships…​

“Success isn’t just about what we accomplish in our lives, it’s about what we inspire others to do…”

Mentorship and Community Activism


Legend Awards​

1. Legend Male Soloist/Lead Singer​

2. Legend Female Soloist/Lead Singer​

3. Legend Vocalist Entertainer​

4. Legend Vocal Group R&B/Soul/Disco​

5. Legend Female Vocal Group Doo Wop/Pop/Jazz​

6. Legend Vocal Group Doo Wop/Pop/Jazz​

7. Legend Vocal Group Acapella​

8. Legend Band/ Classic Rock​

9. Legend Latin Music​

10.Legend Musician​

11.Legend Songwriter/Composer​

12.Legend DJ/MC ​

Best Of The Music Makers Awards​

1. Best Music Maker Singer Male​

2. Best Music Maker Singer Female​

3. Best Music Maker Musician​

4. Best Music Maker R&B/Soul/Disco​

5. Best Music Maker Jazz/Blues/Swing/Retro​

6. Best Music Maker Latin​

7. Best Music Maker Tribute Band/Solo Performer​

8. Best Music Maker Cover Band/ Solo Performer​

9. Best Music Maker Vocal Group/Doo Wop​

10. Best Music Maker Vocal Group Acapella​

11. Best Music Maker DJ/Web Personality/Broadcasting​

12. Best Music Maker Publication/Website​

13. Best Music Maker Historian/Advocate​

Our Mission

We dedicate ourselves to lifting the human spirit in celebration. To shine a spotlight on the human endeavor to persevere , overcome and achieve a lifetime of dedication by an individual, group or organization of the many art forms and categories of the music industry. ​